Strengths of the Filipino Character



The following was taken from a Senate report which has conducted by academician in the social science, medical sciences and humanities. This is the list that will describe the best character and strength of Filipinos.

Strengths of Filipinos

  1. Pakikipagkapwa-Tao
  2. Filipinos are people who really value the meaning of relationship, they are open to others, feel one with others and sensitive to others feeling. Pakikiramay, pakikiramdam, pagtitiwala, utang na loob, at pakikisama are under this strength.

  3. Family Orientation (Pagpapahalaga sa Pamilya)
  4. Filipinos are known for a close family relationship, they posses a genuine and deep love for their families which include not only their parents but also their siblings, and other relatives. Filipinos have a strong belief in “Blood is thicker than water”.

  5. Joy and Humor (Kagalakan at Pagpapatawa)
  6. Filipinos have a pleasant disposition, they can afford to laugh at their own mistakes and can make jokes about their good and bad fortune.

  7. Flexibility, Adaptability, and Creativity (Pakikibagay, Madaling sumunod, at pagiging malikahain)
  8. Filipinos have a great capacity to adjust and adapt to different circumstances and surrounding environment, both physical and social. Unplanned or unanticipated events are never overly disturbing and disorineting to ther Filipinos.
    Creative, resourceful and quick learners and have the ability to improvise and make use what ever is available.

  9. Hard work and Industry (Puspusang pagtatrabaho at Kasipagan)
  10. Filipinos have the capacity for hard work given the proper conditions, the desire to raise one’s standard of living and posses the essentials of a decent life for ones family, makes the Filipino work very hard.

  11. Faith and Religiosity (Pananampalataya at pagiging Maka-Diyos)
  12. Filipinos as catholics have a deep faith and respect to God. The result of Filipinos faith are courage, daring optimism, inner peace as well as the capacity to accept tragedy and death.

  13. Ability to Survive
  14. This strength is manifested in Filipinos capacity for endurance despite difficult times and their ability to get by on so very little.


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  1. values are useless… if not practiced. its like having the latest beautiful cellphone but has no battery and can never be charge.

  2. i am a Filipino and i am proud to be one. we do have our strengths and we also have our bad traits. Ive read a post just like this. and he’s complaining regarding the attitudes of Filipinos towards their co-Filipino. 🙂

  3. Di Ako MAsyadong Masaya NA Filipino Ako PEro Wala Akng Magagawa!!!!!! Kontento naman ako Kong Sino ako !!!! Kaya Di ako masyadong masaya Sa PAgiging Filipino, KAsi Nag Papa api Tayo Sa Mga Taga Ibang Bansa akala kong Sino Sila MAkapang Api!!!! E Pareho naman tayong Tao !!!! Pero IBat-iba Lang ang Tradisyon at paniniwala!!!

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    Mike Williams

    • ..hi sorry but i cant help you on this..i hope u will recover on your problem..god knows everything..maybe its just a test for your strength and faith. god bless you…i wish you’ll find her..

  5. thanks……. a lot for this information..because of this i had already finish my homework… and i expecting I got a highest score..

  6. Hahaha! Thanks. Does anyone know the bad things/ bad traits that Lapu-Lapu possesses? I need this for my Civics project. Thanks. For the meantime, I’m just gonna write that he wasn’t hospitable to the Spaniards who came to the Phil. 🙂 pls reply

  7. magpapasalmat ako sa Panginoong Jesus dahil ng d2 ako ngayon sa mundo at nagppaslmat dn ako dhil nasa lugar ako ng mga FILIPINO…I LOVE FILIPINO COUNTRY….TNX GOD UR THE BEST…………………………………………………………………………..


  9. …im proud to be pinoy…and we should be contented in who we are ryt now…GOD never fails we should know how to be thankful…because we are one of Christian country…be happy and be blessed…:)

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