Regional Traits


Ilokano or Samtoy
The small pice of land that they cultivate does not yield sufficient crops. Such situation produces who are..

1. adventurous
2. industrious
3. hardworking
4. patient
5. frugal people

Because of Economic Pressures he has no choice than to migrate to Mindoro, Hawaii. or other parts of the U.S. He is not the one who stay put in a locality which he thinks does not give him any progress in life. For this reason they are found in any part of the Philippines. Their frugality is because they earn money in the hard way.

Central Plains – Tagalog Belt
The center of cultural and commercial life. It is this accident that makes him feel superior to the other Filipinos.

1. He is neither thrifty nor extravagant.
2. He is not a wandering person.
3. He stay put in his locality and tries to make the most out of his life.
4. He developed the strongest tendency to live with his parents or in – laws even after marriage.

Bicol Region

1. He is known for his mild temper and religiosity.
2. He knows how to enjoy life.
3. He is fond for spicy food with hot pepper and coconut.
4. If he is not enjoying his life, he finds his way to seminary or the convent.
5. Many Filipino dancers and priests come from the Bicol Region

Muslim Land

The fiercest lover of freedom.

1. He is Adventuruos.
2. He is man of honor who sticks to his words.
3. He braves the danger just to redeem his province.
4. He is easily the best friend one have and certainly the worst enemy.
5. He is the best pearl diver and seafarer in the world.


1. They are extravagant, carefree, happy go-lucky guy.
2. They love nice clothes,fine jewelry and gay parties.
3. They prefer a good time than to hard work
4. They are willing to spend their last centavo to enjoy life.


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  1. i listen to Blame it on the alchohol………………….while i copyying this craft LOL,thnx a lot very helpful

  2. I tend to experience that Tagalog are stingy.
    but they pretend that they’re not. They always seek somebody to treat them, they are very big fan of free ride.

    • hindi kami ganun kung tutuusin kung ikukumpara kami sa iba mas sagaganda pa yung uagali namin eh wag naman kayong manghusga ng mga taga visayas

    • I think you are referring to Visaya/Mindanao, not tagalog. All of the traits mentioned above are sooo true. My colleague is from Mindanao and is exactly like that.

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