Ninoy Aquino


Ninoy started his fight for justice long before the declaration of Martial Law on September 21, 19972. He was not happy with the negative changes in society, especially the injustices and oppression suffered by his fellowmen. He would not keep silent. He tried to do everything he could to open the eyes of those in power to the evils in society. When Martial Law was declared he, along with several others, was imprisoned. But, through his connections he continued to channel his fight for justice.

In or out of the prison, Ninoy continued his fight for freedom and democracy and tried to influence other Filipinos to do the same, until that fateful day of August 21, 1983, when he was assassinated. His death touched the heart of almost every Filipino. Even death could not silence Ninoy. His death awakened many Filipinos of their responsibility to do something, through non-violent means, to bring back democracy to our country. The People Power at the EDSA Revolution was a great act of Filipinos to work as one to claim their rights to freedom, justice and democracy.

Ninoy sacrificed his life. He took his final rest. Following his death, the Filipino people took an initial step to move and uplift their conditions.


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