Pinoy Jokes


Here are some of the jokes I got from a tabloid… Si Erap ang bida..

In an emergency room…

Erap: Doctor! Doctor! I swallowed a bone
Doctor: Are you choking?
Erap: No, I’m serious!!!

Erap while still in Gradeschool:

Teacher: What is 5 plus 4?
Erap: Eh, di 9.
Teacher: What is 4 plus 5?
Erap: Gagaguhin ninyo pa ako, eh binaligtad ninyo lang, eh di 6!!!

While in Drugstore:

Erap: I’d like some vitamins for my Grandson.
Clerk: Sir, vitamin A, B or C?
Erap: It does matter, cause he can’t read yet!!!

While in a state visit to Washington, D.C.:

Bill Clinton: You know, we Americans hate you Filipinos going TNT in our country. Sorry if I’m Frank.
Erap (shocked): It’s Okay, I thought you were Bill!!!

While hailing a taxicab in Makati:

Erap: Magkano papuntang San Juan?
Driver: Ikaw lang bang mag-isa?
Erap: Bakit, di ka ba sasama?

While in Luneta:

Erap: Bro. Mike, can prostitute be saved?
Bro. Mike: Siyempre!
Erap: Sige, I-save mo ako para sa Sabado nights

While in Pizzeria:

Erap: What are your specialties?
Waiter: Sir, we serve all kinds of pizza.
Erap: Talaga?, bigyan mo ang ako ng Shakeys!!

Erap calling U.P. Diliman:

Erap: Hello! Is this Diliman?
Operator; No, this is Padre Faura!
Erap: I’m sorry father, wrong number!!!


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