Update to 7 New Wonders of Nature


As of now.. ( june 10,2008 )

The Philippines Tubbataha Reefs is in the 2nd place.
Chocolate Hills in the 4th place.
Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park in the 6th place.
and Mayon Volcano in the 9th place.

The top 7 of the 7 New Wonders are all from Asia. This proves that Asia is really rich and equipped with a lot of biological resources.

Go Asia! Go Philippines!

Live Ranking here.

Philippine Photos here.


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  1. the hills and land outskirts..are breathtaking…my Daughter is married to a philipino…his dad is from trinadad…were african americans..if u look again on blackplanet’s page…cws812je..my grandchildren are on the bottom of page..all my family..and friends…thank u for your support..it’s well appreciated…Create…sheila T Jordan

  2. Really nice pictures! Yes, Asia certainly has a beautiful nature! I´ve been there two times, once in China and once in Vietnam in the hills and mountains are so nice and lovely just as the asien people are! Nice blog! Kind regards

  3. bakit pang nineth ang mayon volcano pang sixth ang puerto princessa pang fourth ang chocolate hills at pang second ang tubbattaha reefs? walang first

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