I really want this semester to end. I’m having a lot of stress because of the heavy rain, traffic and sometimes too much heat.
I wish I have a car or money to pay for a taxi, but I don’t. That’s why I have to ride ordinary bus in commuting from here to manila every weekdays. That is how it works.

I really dream of having a delightful vacation someday. My classmate will have his vacation in mexico with his family. He told me that they already had a reservation in Playa de Carmen vacation homes.
I don’t know the place.
Their family is spending a lot of money in vacation rentals. They love it, and they belive it’s worth it.
I wish I have a family like them.
I wish I can travel from one place to another without having a second thought of the money I have to spend.
Anyway, my other classmates asked me to search for a site that provides reservations and accommodations in beaches and resorts in Mexico, their organization is thinking of having their semestral break there.

I found this site Cancun Vacation rentals. I think they provide good services.


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