Roadside Assistance


I don’t know if our country- Philippines have this kind of program or project.
Wherein travelers are assisted in their destinations, or provided with roadside assistance.
I think there is, but we’re not using it.
e tracks and ambulances that is for emergencies are not used properly.
They are not use for public purposes but, used for personal purposes of different public officials.
We’ll usually see abandon ambulances under the bridges of metro manila.
If not, ambulances are used as a personal transportation of public officials.

Tourists or foreigners here in the Philippines usually have a hard time in our transportation, because they are not comfortable in our roads.
(In other countries roads are more wider.)
Some tourist spots here in the Philippines provides Triptiks. Triptiks is a small booklet that contains information regarding a specific destination or place.

Philippine roads should be develop. It is still not good in quality and traffic is a common problem here in our country. That is why many accidents happen. Non stop fare hike, floods in the roads, gasoline price is high, and traffic.
That will surely give everyone a headache.
I hope there is Petro Points here in the Philippines, just like in Canada. A large oil and gas companies.I’m sure if we have a company of oil and gas that is as big as this. Fare hike will no longer be a problem.


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