Jacinto Zamora


Jacinto Zamora

Born: August 14, 1835
Died: February 17, 1872

One of the priest-reformist GOMBURZA martyrs. He received his education in Pandacan then Colegio de San Juan de Letran and later continued his studies University of Santo Tomas. He served as a parish priest in Marikina and Pasig and was later appointed to Manila Cathedral after passing an exam.

The Archbishop of Manila chose him and Jose Burgos to examine new priests. They became outspoken members of the Comite Reformado which championed the secularisation of parishes, alarming the Spanish authorities and friars. An uprising in Cavite provided the priests’ enemies with the opportunity to implicate the priests falsely. Accused of sedition, the two, along with Father Mariano Gomes were arrested and tried at Fort Santiago on February 15, 1872, and were found guilty. The trio were publicly executed by garrotte, an iron collar that slowly throttled the victims two days later.


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  1. little is known about fr. zamora, anything new besides his secularization advocacy and his alleged gambling?

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