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Here in the Philippines, marriage is a sacred bond.
As Christians we strongly believe in marriage obligations and responsibilities.
Implementing Divorce is one of the biggest issues between our government and our church.
Family is the foundation of every home. And it is a must to save it from destruction.
Though we must admit that many of us Filipinos encounter failed marriage and relationship.
Not realizing the affect on our children.

Saving relationship is hard, especially if trust is involve.

There’s a lot of reason why marriage fails like arguments, womanizing, hatred, misunderstandings, boredom, poor communication and etc. are some of them. Couples should have and live a healthy life style and seek professional advice in case of relationship instability.

I found this interesting video about a site that will give each one of us tips and advices in saving marriage from getting worst.
The owner of this site is a famous and well known in terms of saving ones relationship.
Mort Fertel.
He gives free marriage advices that would surely save you from the expenses of having a divorce.
When I saw this video, I feel secured and safe. I don’t know the reason.
But Mort Fertels’ voice gives me the assurance that he can really help in giving life to a lifeless marriage.
His voice is like a therapy for a broken heart.

Note: Mort Fertels’ program is not marriage counseling at all.. but Marriage Fitness.


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