Decorating Accesories


I’m an avid fan of life style magazines. I always admire eye catching furniture and houses.
I actually dream of owning one someday.
Visiting sites related to furniture and home decorations is one of my hobbies and past time. I enjoy admiring those things.
My aunt introduced me to Eastern Inspired Living. She showed me pictures of her eastern inspired house. She knows I love creative designs, that’s why she always give me sites to visit and admire.
She e-mailed me this pictures.

Amazing right? The Pictures led me to a Furniture and Home Decorating Accesories.

They provide great designs and high quality craftsmanship. Like Dining Tables to Sofas, Wooden Beds up to BookCases.

The pictures and it’s design gave me inspiration.

I’m a Filipino so expect me to dream and be inspired to those simple things.
They always say that Filipinos are known for their frugality yet ambitious mind set. We dream every single thing our imagination can reach. We are hardworking and we earn money in a hard way and that makes us a frugal person. But still, we dream and aim high. We love living in a simple life yet our imagination always take us to extra ordinary ambitions.

From a simple nipa hut (Bahay Kubo) to a mansion.

From a banig to Wooden Beds
From papag to sofa.
From a simple house wife to a so called “Doña or Señorita”.
We Filipinos dream differently. We dream big.

Filipinos are under different cultural influences, that’s why we act and think differently.
We have our own unique taste when it comes to things, houses, and decorations, even to foods.
But though we have our own preferences we are still good when it comes to imagination.
Actually a US-based Filipino architect Lira Luis, first Filipino graduate architect of legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright, designed a $4- Million dollar shopping mall drawing inspiration from her Filipino culture. She also stated that she based her designs in our very own “Bahay Kubo”.

Filipinos creativeness is already international. We are known worldwide for our designs and unique culture.


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