Bulacan’s Pastillas sets Guinness world record


Bulacan has once again captured the nation’s attention and imagination with a Guinness Book of World Records by making the World’s Longest Pastillas.

Stretching 202.6 meters long and measuring 5 inches in diameter, the record-breaking activity served as one of the highlights of this year’s Singkaban Festival.

The province chose the pastillas for its distinct and original ingredient–carabao’s milk–and because the product is one of the most famous and saleable Tatak Bulakenyo products.

Five hundred persons took part in making the world’s longest pastillas. These included representatives from different sectors of Bulacan.

In able to make the record-setting pastillas, the group consumed 12,800 liters of carabao’s milk and 1,600 kilos of sugar. The pastillas weighed over 4,000 kilos; its length is approximately equal to 500,000 regular size pastillas.

Aside from drawing thousands of fiesta goers, the Guiness attempt is part of the province’s efforts to aggressively market its products with the Tatak Bulakenyo seal, so as to increase distinction, preference, patronage, production, and profitability.

The week-long celebration of Singkaban starts every September 8, a day celebrated by the Catholic faithful as the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and ends on September 15, which is the anniversary of the Malolos Congress and the day the first Philippine Republic was proclaimed at the Barasoain Church in 1898.

This year’s week-long celebration also featured exciting activities with cultural and historically relevant events. Marking the last day of the Singkaban festival was the 110th anniversary of the Malolos Congress which was followed by street dancing in the afternoon. The celebration was capped off with a grand aerial fireworks competition.

Source : http://goodnewspilipinas.com/wp/?p=2772


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