Sink Stink


I hate unclean and stinky sink. It annoys me.
My aunt want us to buy a designer Kitchen sinks,
But we doesn’t have enough money to buy one. And we are just renting our house, so why do we need to buy one?
I admit that I really want to have a designer kitchen sink, but do we really need one?

My aunt is such a luxurious woman. She wants everything in order. She prefer buying branded things than the usual one. She was here last Wednesday and criticized our mini little tiny house. She said that we need to decorate our house, that we should buy curtains, new pillows, Bathroom sink, sofa, etc.
Gosh! we’re not rich as she is. We don’t even own a house! That’s the reason why we don’t spend our money to those things.

She married a foreigner, that’s the main reason of her richness. Money is really powerful, it can change a person a lot. And my aunt is under its spell.

Anyway, she’s back in California and she gave me access to her credit card.
She e-mailed me a link to her favorite site when it comes to sinks! and she wants me to buy one of the Vessel sinks there. She said that there’s a huge sale, and I must grab the opportunity to buy an artisan and designer sink.

I was shocked. She really thinks that we need to buy a sink.

Here’s the picture of the sink in our back door :

And this is the one I decided to bought from sinksgallery:

Not bad right?


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