Hundred Islands National Park


Alaminos is undeniably a growing trade, commercial and educational center of Western Pangasinan. Owing to its strategic location and with the presence of the world-famous Hundred Islands National Park, and with its abundant natural resources, the municipality is one of the growth centers in Region I. With such inherent strengths, traders and businessmen continue to come to Alaminos.

Investments propelled the economic development of the town.

With a booming economy, Alaminos was reclassified from fourth to third class municipality in July 1991, the only one in the province and one of the five (5) municipalities in Region I. Its reclassification is based on the provisions of Executive Order No. 249 and Finance Department Order No. 79-91 dated July 1991. Six years later, with continuous economic growth, Alaminos, was again reclassified into a first class municipality in May 7, 1997 by virtue of the Executive Order No. 294 and Finance Department Order No. 79-91 dated July 1991.

However, it was in 1994 when then Mayor Alipio Fernandez, Mayor of Dagupan City, first broached the id

ea to the then Mayor Leon M. Rivera, Jr., of converting Alaminos into a city due to its strategic location in Western Pangasinan.

In July 1997, Mayor Rivera convened the Municipal Council led by the then Vice Mayor Eduardo F. Fontelera, who later became City Mayor, where conversion of Alaminos into be

coming a city was seriously discussed. After its deliberations, with an overwhelming support from the Sangguniang Bayan, Kgd. Orlando R. Go sponsored a resolution converting the municipality into a city.

Rep. Hernani Braganza, then congressman representing the First District of Pangasinan in the 10th Cogress, filed House Bill No. 10275 in November 1997. Unluckily, particular bill was not calendared for reading in January 1998 because of time constraints brought about by the forthcoming national elections scheduled in May.

In the 11th Congress, with Congressman Romeo Candazo as the Chairman of the Local Government Committee, the

local officials lost no time in securing and updating all reference materials that they have prepared previously. After all the requirements were properly complied with, Congressman Braganza, then in his second term, immediately filed House Bill No. 4898 on October 21, 1998.

Last public hearing conducted for this purpose was held in October 21, 1991 at the Don Leopoldo Sison Auditorium which was participated in by a huge crowd representing the pro and anti citihood movement.

It is in December 1999 when House Bill No. 4898 was finally approved by the House of Representatives during its third and final reading.

In February 8, 2001, consolidated House Bill No. 4898 and Senate Bill No. 2257 was passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate. To be enacted was RA 9025, an Act Converting the Municipality of Alaminos, Province of Pangasinan into a Component City to be known as the City of Alaminos.

And so, in March 5, 2001, at the Kalayaan Hall in Malacañang, the local government officials have witnessed the signing of RA

9025, the law converting Alaminos into a city by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. But it is only in March 28, 2001 when finally, more than 85% of Alaminians voted affirmatively in making Alaminos into becoming the fourth city of the Province of Pangasinan.

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