Maglalatik or Magbabao is a war dance representing in a picture a battle between the Moros and the Christian over the latik, the remainder left after the coconut milk has been boiled. At sometime in the course of Spanish rule, with coconut shells as tools, the people of the barrios of Loma and Zapote in the town of Biñan in the province of Laguna danced the Maglalatik.

The Palipasan and the Baligtaran, the first two portions of Maglalatik, reveal the hot combat between the Moros and the Christians. The Paseo and the Sayaw Escaramusa display the reconciliation between the legend, the two groups. As stated by the legend, the Moros won and got enviously wished latik. The dissatisfied Christians sent a representative to the Moros to offer peace and baptism to them.

During the town fiesta of Biñan, Laguna, the Maglalatik dancers are carrying out this dance from house to house for money or a gift in the daytime, and in the evening, they perform Maglalatik in the religious procession as it goes from one place to another along the streets as a sacrifice to San Isidro de Labrador, the patron saint of the farmers.


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