Pandanggo sa Ilaw


Pandanggo sa Ilaw is commonly liked dance of grace and balance from Lubang Island, Mindoro Occidental. The term pandanggo is derives from the Spanish word fandango, a dance described by lively sterps and clapping that changes in rhythm in three-fourth time. Pandanggo sa Ilaw consists of three tinggoy, or oil lamps, balance on the head and the back of both hands.

Ossiwas is a dance characterized by swinging and circling a lighted lamp. In Pangasinan, it means swinging. Being the only one of its kind, this colorful dance needs skill in balancing an oil lamp on the head while circling in both hands a lighted lamp enclosed in a fishnet or porous cloth. The waltz-style music of this dance is having qualities in common to that of Pandanggo sa Ilaw. Waltz is a dance in which couples glide to music having three beats to a measure.


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  1. pandanggo sa ilaw is very commonly like dance to phlilpines…..which color glide to music having three beats to a measure……….

  2. Pandanggo sa ilaw is a very nice filipino folk dance,…. but i hope that there will be more informations to emphazise the said dance

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