Sorry for this personal post again. It’s because of my aunt.
After a lot of arguments about our sinks, she now wants me to buy Persian Rugs for our living room!
For goodness sake! We still have a carpet. And it’s still doing it’s function.
But my aunt insists that a Persian rug or a Hand Knotted Rugs is what our floor needs.
Here she goes again. She’s an avid fan of shopping online. She introduced me to a lot of sites offering different products. Good thing about her is she always pay for what she wants to replace or buy for our house.
Our carpet smell like hell because of the unexpected flood in our house. And she didn’t like it’s smell and color. That’s why just this morning, when I checked my e-mail, I saw her message about the sink that I bought online yesterday and a link to a new site that she wants me to check out.

It is Rugs by Infinity, they provide different kinds and types of Rugs. You can find most of the rarest rugs in their site. The Persian, oriental, and other traditional style area rugs. With a dazzling “free shipping”!.

I still haven’t decided what to buy.
I’ll ask my mother first if she agrees in the design I want.

This are my two choices :


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