My friend who is currently taking engineering asked me to help him in his homework. It’s about computers, and the fact that I’m taking BSIT which is a computer study, I have no choice but to help him. I won’t bother helping him though, cause It’s our sembreak already.
He asked me to make a research about history of [the] computer and computer timeline.
It should be at least 20 pages.
So I decided to edit some of the articles found in the “Super Warehouse Blog”. (It is the blog of the “Super Warehouse” – a site that offers a huge selection of scanners, printers, desktops, computer accessories and other computer hardwares grouped in different trusted brands.)
I copied the articles and edited some parts, copied their link in the bottom of my research as my reference. And then I’m done!
I always prefer the blogs of well known and trusted sites like Super Warehouse, cause their name assured me that the contents and articles in it are accurate. I always visit their site for updates and for canvassing purposes.
What I love about their blog, is the simplicity and the articles they have. Their blog will surely give out knowledge and information in almost everything you need to know for your personal computers.


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