Kennon Road in Baguio


Kennon Road was ordered built by American governor general William Cameron Forbes in 1901. Although originally called Benguet Road, it was named after U.S. Army Colonel Lyman N. Kennon who was its final builder. With the labor of Igorots and some foreign workers, the road was completed in 1903 and has since become a major route to Baguio City.”

This is another pride of the city and the heritage of American soldiers who came the city. kennon Road is also one of the amazing place in the country. Every time someone is passing by this beautiful road, the reflection of history plays back how many decades ago.

“According to records, between 2,300 to 4,000 workers were employed in the building of the road, all of different nationalities— American, Hawaiian, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, German, Irish, English, Swedish, French, Japanese and, of course, Filipino. Colonel Kennon is thus credited for employing the first overseas contract workers to the Philippines. A breakdown of the figures showed that 49 percent of the workers were Filipinos, 22.5 percent were Japanese, 17.5 percent were Americans and Europeans, 11 percent were Chinese, and the remaining 11 percent were from Latin America and other countries.”

The history shows that Filipinos have great contribution during the making of the road. It shows also the unity of the different races towards one thing. We can’t name them but we can see them by appreciating their work. The work that may last for century or even forever. Kennon Road symbolizes the richness of the Philippines in terms of historical places.


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