Sa mga Mata ni Ekang


Title: Sa mga Mata ni Ekang
Reporter: Kara David (of Sine Totoo GMA7)

The documentary of Kara David entitled “Sa mga Mata ni Ekang” is a story of an ordinary child who is about 4 years old. There is nothing special about her except the people around her.

Her Father is a pedicab driver who turns out to be a holdaper in the evening. Her Mother on the other hand is a drug pusher and user at the same time. She was also used to be a prostitute. Her Grandmother is a myrmidon which is also known as “bugaw”. While her 15 year old uncle is a smoker, drunkard and a computer addict.

I wonder what is ahead in Ekangs’ life. Actually Ekang isn’t alone. She is not the only victim in the story. She has a little sister who is just a month old.

This documentary of Kara David opened my eyes into reality. This is reality. Poverty is all over the Philippines that we always tried to deny and ignore. All Filipinos should be aware of it. We should know what is happening around us.

Ekangs’ life is just one in a million of Filipinos who suffered poverty and hunger. No one can blame her family for having those kinds of jobs.
They have no choice they say. I somehow believe them.
Being a prostitute, pusher, smoker, and uneducated is hard.
They have to face all kind of criticism everyday. They have to hide from the authorities. They are not free. They are afraid of their own ghosts.
According to them they used to be rich, but because of carelessness and being irresponsible they didn’t used their money wisely. Instead of using it for business they used it in casinos and other things that are not important. That is the reason why they decided to be what they are.
We cannot judge them in the life they chose. They are doing this for a living. Let us not judge them for they are only human. I believe that everything happens for a reason.

Ekangs’ future depends on herself alone. If she chose to be like her family then we can’t blame her. I pity Ekang. She doesn’t deserve to have this kind of life in such an early age.

I feel so lucky that I have a better family. Though not perfect, still I feel lucky for being educated and cared for.
Ekang’s life should be an inspiration to those who feel that life has been unfair to them.

If you believe life has been unfair to you what else would you call Ekangs’ life?


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  1. whoah, ang saklap ng kwento ng buhay ni Ekang….

    talagang mas maswerte pa rin tayong hindi natulad kay Ekang ang sitwasyon ng pamilya…

    I added you po sa blog roll ko…

  2. There were a few errors. Ekang was three years old, and it’s not supposed to be ‘uncle’, but brother.

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