Updating this blog :)


It’s been a while since I last posted in this blog. I’ve been pretty busy with my studies, internship and other problems Y.Y
My blogs and I have this special connection that I can’t explain.
I’m just happy whenever I read your comments and opinions in my posts. I feel good for being able to share my knowledge and opinions to all of you. 🙂

I’ve stopped blogging because I can’t keep the responsibility that comes with it. I really have to be careful to what I post because a lot of people can read it. My posts are being used for assignments, projects, references and I just feel that its my responsibility to make all of my posts 99% sure, clear and based on true events and facts. It is really hard when you’re fully aware that one small mistake can affect a lot of  people and can also alter some facts about the Philippines.

But due to your overwhelming comments, compliments and support, I’ve decided to post in this blog again. I’m not promising that I’ll be always updating but I can promise that whenever I get a chance and a free time, I will.

Thank you for supporting my blog. 🙂

God bless us all.


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  1. Hey, I just stumbled upon your blog. I haven’t read any of you earlier stuff, but from now on I’ll check it out. I am half philippino and one day I will return there!

    What kind of internship are you doing?

    I’m in Montréal, Canada and I’m doing an internship too, in Fashion. Maybe we can follow each other through it!


  2. Your blog seems interesting, and even though we don’t personally know each other, i think bloggers can communicate to each other through their blogs.

    more please! 😉

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