St. Bartolomew Parish Church in Nagcarlan Laguna


This church is one of the oldest church we have in the country. It was done in Baroque-style which is created by the Franciscans in the year 1500-1700. The famous T.V series “Kampanerang Kuba”  used this place as one of their main setting/location. It was reconstructed last 1845 after the massive fire that partly destroyed its facade last 1781. The church is well maintained and many devoted can be seen here every Sunday. It also have a mini park and comfort rooms for men and women to use. It is just right after Nagcarlan Market where fresh and low price vegetables and fruits can be brought.

*I always visit the church every month because my dentist’s clinic is located near the place. 🙂


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  1. Wow.I am eying to visit Nagcarlan next time together with my friends to see this church, being connected to kampanerang kuba added a delight on us.We also would want to visit the underground cemetery there..=) nice post..

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