Luggage Problem


I dropped off my uncle in the airport last week and his flight was delayed because of his luggage. Apparently, his luggage did not meet the required dimension and regular weight of the standard luggage. I don’t really understand what the real problem is. I was just too busy tweeting at that time. Beforehand, my uncle used a luggage scale to make sure that he will not pay any extra charge for excess weight and I guess that’s the reason why he debated the security in the airport. Using luggage scales is really important to avoid this kind of problem. I don’t know whether the luggage scale he used is broken or it’s just the airport who have a problem? I just watched and let them settle the problem. In the end, the airport decided that the luggage will be in a different cargo plane and my uncle will just have to fetch it an hour after his arrival to his destination. I decided to go home after everything was settled.

My uncle called us in the following day and said that he went to a lot of trouble in getting his luggage because identification cards and other documents were needed. The problem is, all his documents are in the luggage. lol. When his luggage was delivered, some of his personal stuffs were gone. His watch, books and ipod. Whoah! It was really amazing when you thought it can’t get any worse, it can. So one big tip for travelers out there: First, make sure that you meet the required dimension and weight of your luggage and Second, don’t forget to use a tsa locks for security. 🙂


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