Origin of Filipino Culture


The Filipino culture is a summation of indigenous forces and foreign influences that had come to bear upon the people in varying degrees during the last centuries.

  1. Malays – Malays are known for being nice, pleasant and law-abiding by virtue. The Filipinos adapted this very well as their temperament.
  2. Chinese – Filial piety between parents and children, the flexibility to go along with other people of the Filipinos is due to the Chinese influence.
  3. Spanish heritage – Social, political organization and religion was brought into Philippines by Spaniards.
  4. Americans – Democracy, liberty, equality, importance of education as well as political community is a great influence from Americans.
Philippines is rich in culture because of the foreign influences that other countries introduced to Filipinos. Filipinos are flexible and can easily adapt to their environment. Their culture is a proof to that. 🙂

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  1. Hispanicity is integral in the Filipino culture. We never had Spanish culture but Hispanic culture. Here’s the formula: Indigenous Culture + Spanish Culture = Hispanic Culture. In Latin America: Indian (Mayan, Aztec, Moche, Inca etc.), African Cultures + Spanish Culture = Hispanic culture
    In our case, Malay/Chinese Culture + Spanish Culture = Hispanic (Filipino) Culture. We never recognized this. Something Hispanic/Spanish was demonized in our country. Without it it’s incomplete. The Spanish language is back. Students are learning it again from scratch. Filipino literature in Spanish are revived from being ignored.

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