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National Organization To Otlaw Cellphones


I support National Organization To Otlaw Cellphones (no-toc). It is an organization or movement that calls our attention to not be so dependent in using cellphones. Recently, two cases of hit and run accident happened here in metro manila. The culprit is not just the driver who hit them but also their cellphones. Both victims are call center agents and where using their cellphones while crossing the street which made them less aware of their surroundings.

Image from Google

I would like to encourage you guys to support movements like no-toc. They are reaching out to people, giving information, provides counseling and guidance in the most light and humorous way. They are not stopping you in using your phones because it is one main source of communication, they are just encouraging us to use it in the right way and stop being dependent on it. I was never aware of such movement/organization’s existence but the day I found out about it, I immediately searched it on google and found their site. Their way in communicating and promoting their beliefs is really funny and humorous.  They have this counseling and guidance page wherein they discuss this latest scientific psychological study about an epidemic disease that is called DOPES (Dependency on Phone Enslavement Syndrome). I was like wth?! 🙂 I find it funny but mostly true.

Let us be responsible and use technology in a good and rightful way. Let us not waste and take advantage of every development and innovation around us. Use it wisely and responsibly.


Philippine Orthopedic Center


I had my medical check up last August 26,2011. The doctor called me up to inform me that I have scoliosis and asked me if I am aware of it, I said no. I was never aware of it because I have never been hospitalized or undergone any major medical check up or x-ray examination. The doctor advised me to visit the Philippine Orthopedic Center which specializes musculoskeletal disorder and related conditions.

Philippine Orthopedic Center (POC) is located at Maria Clara Cor. Banawe St., Santa Mesa Heights, Quezon City. If you’re going there from the south/Alabang, I suggest you take the train (PNR) and get off at Espana (espanya) station, from there, take a jeep going to Banawe Ave./Project 8/Project 6 and tell the driver to drop you off at Banawe Ave. Then take the MMDA overpass to cross the other street (landmark: Mcdo) From there, take a jeep going to retiro/e.rodriguez and just inform the driver to drop you off at the Orthopedic Center.

POC offers free medical check ups and other services. Membership require patients to pay 30pesos to have a blue card which contains your personal information and the designated/assigned room and doctor for you depending on your illness. The queuing  in registering new members are usually long so you have to be early to avoid long hours of waiting.

I was assigned in room 2 which handles spine problems. The doctor asked me several questions about my scoliosis and asked what is the degree of curve in my spine but since I don’t have the x-ray result with me and I still don’t know the degree of my curve, he gave me a slip to take an x-ray examination and bring back the result to him. The x-ray is not free, I paid 800 pesos for it which is actually cheaper than the usual considering that I had two x-rays (Front and Side). I had to wait more than 4 hours just to have an x-ray examination because of the long lines and emergency cases. The result is that I have a 24 degrees curve which is a mild case of scoliosis and since I’ve reached adult age, there is just a small chance of  increase curvature of the spine.

The doctors there are really professional and they will treat you accordingly so no need to be afraid. I just want to share with you guys my experience in Philippine Orthopedic Center.. 🙂

Taking care of your nails


* I decided to make random posts in this blog more often just to make it updated and active. 🙂

Filipinos have this bad habit of  nail biting whenever in face of boredom or when we feel anxious about something. It is very common habit of humans. Nails are actually more fragile than skin so we must know how to take care of it. Here are some tips that I think will help you in taking care of your nails. The following Do’s and Dont’s are based on my own knowledge and experience. If you have any corrections or other advice don’t hesitate to comment it here. 🙂


  1. File your nails whenever needed.
  2. Use a sharp nail cutter in cutting it.
  3. Wash your hands including your nails.
  4. Only use a nail polish that is in good condition.
  5. Remove the nail polish gently with a cotton.
  6. Only get a nail art in a trusted salon or manicurist.
  7. Soak your nails in lemon juice to make it healthy and clean.
  8. Soak your nails in vinegar before adding your nail polish to make it last longer.
  9. File nails starting from its sides to the center.

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  1. Use a scissor or blade in cutting your nails.
  2. Bite it.
  3. Use it to scratch something hard.
  4. Leave it dirty.
  5. Keep it too long.
  6. Over use acetone or nail polish remover in your nails.
  7. File your nails back and forth.

Luggage Problem


I dropped off my uncle in the airport last week and his flight was delayed because of his luggage. Apparently, his luggage did not meet the required dimension and regular weight of the standard luggage. I don’t really understand what the real problem is. I was just too busy tweeting at that time. Beforehand, my uncle used a luggage scale to make sure that he will not pay any extra charge for excess weight and I guess that’s the reason why he debated the security in the airport. Using luggage scales is really important to avoid this kind of problem. I don’t know whether the luggage scale he used is broken or it’s just the airport who have a problem? I just watched and let them settle the problem. In the end, the airport decided that the luggage will be in a different cargo plane and my uncle will just have to fetch it an hour after his arrival to his destination. I decided to go home after everything was settled.

My uncle called us in the following day and said that he went to a lot of trouble in getting his luggage because identification cards and other documents were needed. The problem is, all his documents are in the luggage. lol. When his luggage was delivered, some of his personal stuffs were gone. His watch, books and ipod. Whoah! It was really amazing when you thought it can’t get any worse, it can. So one big tip for travelers out there: First, make sure that you meet the required dimension and weight of your luggage and Second, don’t forget to use a tsa locks for security. 🙂

Scrubs Uniform Store


I have a three friends who took the board exam last July. They are all so feeling pressured and nervous about it. They said that the exam was so hard and the choices in every question seems to be all right.  So I was thinking of planning a party for them when the board exam results is posted. Passed or failed, I want them to feel that we all care about them and that we are proud of them no matter what.
The party that we’re planning will be a costume party wherein all the guests will be wearing scrubs uniform.  I am planning to buy scrubs online so I can have a wide variety of choices.

I found this site which is the Blue Sky Scrubs that sells them and I just felt a great excitement when I saw all the items that they are selling. The variety of what they have is just huge! It can be found here: They have scrubs for men, women, children, nursing, and almost everything you need. They even have a custom made scrubs. Their website gives all the information you needed. I just love the sales and accessories category in their site. I am so buying the things I needed for the party there. I am so excited. So I better stop blogging now cause I have some purchasing and party to plan out! Ciao! 🙂


Custom Essays Anyone?


As of today, students are always cramming and under the pressure of  homework, term papers, essays in  English and literature subjects and other stuffs that is needed to be done all at once! Whoah! It is really irritating when your minor subjects tries to take all your time.  It is hard to concentrate to the important ones because these little things also need your attention.

So students tend to use “copy and paste system” in creating their homework and essays. Doing this trick always end up in getting busted because it’s too obvious. That is where custom essays writing service takes the spotlight. This kind of service is very popular to students nowadays. It is cheap, original and the confidentiality of your transactions is 100% guaranteed. Just tell them all the specific details to comply with your professor/mentor’s requirement and they will do the job for you. As easy as that.  They have their very own instant messaging system for fast and easy transactions with their clients. And if ever you have problem with their work and your requirements was not met, revisions are free! There are also discounts for students so you don’t have to worry much about money. You can try and visit their website here:

That’s all guys. 🙂

Off Topic:
I miss blogging!!

Updating this blog :)


It’s been a while since I last posted in this blog. I’ve been pretty busy with my studies, internship and other problems Y.Y
My blogs and I have this special connection that I can’t explain.
I’m just happy whenever I read your comments and opinions in my posts. I feel good for being able to share my knowledge and opinions to all of you. 🙂

I’ve stopped blogging because I can’t keep the responsibility that comes with it. I really have to be careful to what I post because a lot of people can read it. My posts are being used for assignments, projects, references and I just feel that its my responsibility to make all of my posts 99% sure, clear and based on true events and facts. It is really hard when you’re fully aware that one small mistake can affect a lot of  people and can also alter some facts about the Philippines.

But due to your overwhelming comments, compliments and support, I’ve decided to post in this blog again. I’m not promising that I’ll be always updating but I can promise that whenever I get a chance and a free time, I will.

Thank you for supporting my blog. 🙂

God bless us all.