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Calgary Province of Alberta, Canada


My cousin lives in one of the Calgary apartments in Alberta, Canada. Canada adapts the same American tradition wherein when someone reach his/her 17 or 18 years of age, they can live independently. Calgary is the largest city in Alberta and is considered as the cleanest city in the world and the 5th best city to live in.Calgary is one of the highly recommended cities because of its rich culture, industry, education and environment.

Image is taken in google.

If I were to live in Canada, I would like to live there. The only downside of the city is their weather. The summer there is really hot and the winters are extremely cold but the economy? It is booming and it is doing well in the job market. You can never go wrong in living in a city that have a lot to offer. Opportunities will be knocking at your doors. It is the richest province in Canada with the lowest unemployment rate. It is also one of three places in the world that has warming winds in the winter (Chinook). It is a native word for snow eater. It comes in over the Rocky Mountains and settles on the Calgary area warming the city.


Grand Bay Resort in Pansol Laguna


I’ve been to Grand Bay Resort twice already and honestly, it’s not as good as I expected it to be.

The resort claims to have the Largest pool in the Laguna with its 1,350sqm swimming pool. They also have “giant slides” which is not really giant, kiddie slides and a medium size hot spring pool. Billiard tables and videoke is also available but you have to pay separately to use it. Super Mini playground and round/long tables are also in their amenities.


Their room rates are:

Aircon rooms P3,150 up to P4,550 – for 2-6 people
Fan rooms P2,050 up to P2,850 – for 2-8
Long tables P1,150 – for 10 people
Short tables P950 – for 8 people
Round table P850 – for 5 people

I got those details from their official multiply account. Their rooms and tables are overpriced!!! They claim that their rooms can accomodate 2-6 or 8 people? We went there and availed the fan room but only 3-4 people can sleep and we were 7. Their facilities are old and not well maintained. Water supply in the faucets and showers are so-so. The mini store have a price tag more than 7eleven’s.

The pool is large but if you’re an adult looking for a place to really swim and plunge, this is not the place to be. Only 1/4 of the pool is deep enough to enjoy a nice deep and enjoy.

Large pool?
Hot spring pool

Everything is overpriced.
Old and not well maintained facilities.
Only 1/4 of the pool is deep enough for adults.
Just overpriced. :p

Will I go back? No. There are a lot of cheaper and high quality resorts in Pansol to visit.


*Sorry for the blur photos. I took it using my phone and it was night so please bare with it. 🙂