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Marriage Fitness


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Here in the Philippines, marriage is a sacred bond.
As Christians we strongly believe in marriage obligations and responsibilities.
Implementing Divorce is one of the biggest issues between our government and our church.
Family is the foundation of every home. And it is a must to save it from destruction.
Though we must admit that many of us Filipinos encounter failed marriage and relationship.
Not realizing the affect on our children.

Saving relationship is hard, especially if trust is involve.

There’s a lot of reason why marriage fails like arguments, womanizing, hatred, misunderstandings, boredom, poor communication and etc. are some of them. Couples should have and live a healthy life style and seek professional advice in case of relationship instability.

I found this interesting video about a site that will give each one of us tips and advices in saving marriage from getting worst.
The owner of this site is a famous and well known in terms of saving ones relationship.
Mort Fertel.
He gives free marriage advices that would surely save you from the expenses of having a divorce.
When I saw this video, I feel secured and safe. I don’t know the reason.
But Mort Fertels’ voice gives me the assurance that he can really help in giving life to a lifeless marriage.
His voice is like a therapy for a broken heart.

Note: Mort Fertels’ program is not marriage counseling at all.. but Marriage Fitness.

Overnight Essay


I am on my 2nd year college as of now. To be honest, It’s really hard and frustrating.
I have to wake up 5am for a 7:30 class because of transportation.
I will leave my house at exactly 6am and ride a bus from here in Alabang to Lawton.
It is really time consuming, not to mention the heavy traffic and unexpected floods.
As a college student, I really find it hard to make my assignments and pass my projects in time.
I always rush things, that result to a “not so good” grade.

Once, my professor asked us to make a term paper for overnight.
He required us to make a 10 pages of term paper, which is not really hard because we just have to collect bibliographies of famous Filipino Authors, but we still have to make our own opinion to each one of them.
The problem is, I still have to face a defense for my major subject the next morning. And I also have to study for a quiz in Physics (I hate Physics.)
So while burning my eyebrows in searching the net, I found this site that will answer my problem.
It says there that I can buy essay!
I wasn’t really interested in it before I read the word custom Term Paper in their site.
I was shock and excited that I found my self ordering a custom term paper in their site.
This amazing site provides custom essays for a busy students like me!
So if you’re really desperate in having a high grade.
And if you really need an Essay Help trust me, This site will do it just for you. ;p

Your Travel Guide


I found this site  geckogo which is a Travel Guide that provides Vacation planning for all adventurous people and travelers out there.
I believe that they will contribute a lot in promoting amazing destinations from different countries and continents.

This is just a new site, launched maybe two months ago. The good thing about them is that they have a friendly interface and you can join their community to contribute your own knowledge specially for your country.
I will try to join in their site to be a Philippine Travel Guide. Maybe in that way I can help promoting the Philippines to other countries.

Philippines has so much to show.
We Filipinos must be proud of our country, disregarding the problems and corruptions we are facing. We should look on the brighter side and help promoting the best we have.
We still have Boracay, Palawan, Chocolate Hills, tarsiers, Bataan, Batanes, Mayon, Davao, Cebu and other destinations that will surely make tourist appreciate Philippines more.

Geckogo is one of the site that I look up to, and a must see. They have a goal.

So I am inviting you to join this site and contribute your knowledge to help promoting your country. In that simple way, you helped and shared.

Email Marketing


Ever wonder how advertisers and companies keep in touch and make their customers informed about their latest products?
That is what Email marketing do.
They advertise through emails, which is what we call Email Newsletters.

Most of advertisers online use this method to attract prospect customers and buyers.
If you’re an advertiser, you should have enough knowledge and skills in promoting your products or site.
You should know the “DOs and Dont’s” of email marketing.
Because Email marketing is not just promoting your product, you, as an advertiser should also be concern about the presentation of the email, or else, no one will read your newsletter. It will just end up in the trash.

Read articles and tips to help you gain more traffic and customers.
Learn first before making your first step.
That’s the secret of advertising online.
It should be one step at a time.
Don’t rush everything!

Help me to


Philippines is one of the most biggest blogging community in the world. So as a Filipina I want to give you guys an advice to easily improve your rank and traffic.

SEO tips are important, this thing is the key to gain traffic and ranking.

That is when I found this website entitled Help me to.
When I first visited this site I was wondering why they chose that title.
Then I realize while reading their tips and advice that the reason why they chose “help me to” is because the phrase “Help me to” is usually used in searching in search engines.
In that way their site would immediately appear whenever the keyword “Help me to” is searched. So that is the number one tip for bloggers. Choose your title. Make sure that it will attract your target audience and search engines will immediately find you.
This site that i found gives a lot of information and tips that even I didn’t know.
There site can give you a lot of recommended and trustworthy sites to earn money online.

So If you guys really want to learn the key for a higher page rank, visit professional site like this one.
Here is the screen shot of the site I’m saying.

Blogger Wave


Love blogging? or sharing your ideas? Want to make money online?

We bloggers, write reviews and links to the sites we recommend to our readers for free. While Blogger Wave offers bloggers like us to earn money by just doing reviews for other sites. We just have to select available opportunities from advertisers that best suits our blog and write reviews or opinions regarding their products and services. It’s free to join, plus you’ll be paid for your opinion!

So make your blog more useful. Register your blog in Blogger Wave and start earning money online!

Manchester Utd Tickets


My daddys’ aunt in United Kingdom asked me to look for a website that sells tickets for Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool or Man Utd Tickets. That is when I found out this site selling online tickets for sold out events like this. So I decided to give my aunt this link for Man Utd Tickets.<

I think this is most safe and affordable site I could refer for her. My cousin already tried buying there for a foot ball event in Moscow. She told me that buying tickets online is safe and much easier.She is an avid fan of  Manchester United FC. She loves foot ball. And she always buy tickets online in ticket solutions