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The Tree


The Tree
G. Burce Bunao

The tree was very beautiful to me
When I was a boy,
I climbed for fruit or out of a branch of the tree
Made me a toy –
A top, for instance, that spun around, carefree
And wound for joy
Until it toppled over and was dead.
No longer the boy,
I find the tree as beautiful though not
Just for a branch
Or a bunch of fruit by – more than that – for a bend
Or a fence the branch
In which I raise the beasts that fill the pot
In the many shapes
My simple commerce turns them to, like bread
Or fish or grapes,
To feed the brood, the little woman and me
There go the boys,
Go watch them strong of limb, spread up the tree,
They pluck their toys
Out of its branches, as out of my childhood tree
I shaped my toys.


Silent Trails


Silent Trails
Marcelo de Gracia Concepcion

Silent Trails
Silent are the trails of Benguet hills,
When the mist veils the sun –
Even the wind stirs the ferns
And the bamboo brakes sing
Their echoey murmurs.

And the laden Benguet women pass,
Beating their pakkongs*
In cadenced monotones.

Even so,
These trails are lonely
And deep are the ravines.
And higher still the skies.

* A bamboo percussion instrument used by the Benguets to accompany their chants.

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I miss blogging!!

Updating this blog :)


It’s been a while since I last posted in this blog. I’ve been pretty busy with my studies, internship and other problems Y.Y
My blogs and I have this special connection that I can’t explain.
I’m just happy whenever I read your comments and opinions in my posts. I feel good for being able to share my knowledge and opinions to all of you. 🙂

I’ve stopped blogging because I can’t keep the responsibility that comes with it. I really have to be careful to what I post because a lot of people can read it. My posts are being used for assignments, projects, references and I just feel that its my responsibility to make all of my posts 99% sure, clear and based on true events and facts. It is really hard when you’re fully aware that one small mistake can affect a lot of  people and can also alter some facts about the Philippines.

But due to your overwhelming comments, compliments and support, I’ve decided to post in this blog again. I’m not promising that I’ll be always updating but I can promise that whenever I get a chance and a free time, I will.

Thank you for supporting my blog. 🙂

God bless us all.

Philippine Traditions in Celebrating Christmas


People are not usually aware that December 25th is not the actual birth of Jesus Christ. In fact, most historians believe he was likely born in the spring because of the Bible’s description of shepherds herding animals.
It was in the 4th Century, when the Roman Catholic Church decided to recognize Jesus’ birth as an official holiday. Pope Julius I chose December 25th for the “Feast of Nativity.” Now Christmas Day is celebrated as a major festival and public holiday in most countries of the world, even in many whose populations are not majority Christian.

Philippines is one of the predominantly catholic country in Asia. So Filipinos has a lot of known traditions and cultures in uniquely celebrating Christmas holidays.

Traditional Christmas here in the Philippines are:

  1. “Simbang gabi”  or mass of the rooster
    – a mass held before dawn that starts on December 16 up to the nine-day novena.
  2. Parol or star lanterns
    customized star lanterns that are commonly made from bamboo sticks.
  3. the Noche Buena
    – a family feasts that takes place after midnight. It is an open house celebration for Filipino after attending  “simbang gabi”.
  4. Carolers
    – a group of singers that visit houses with musical instruments to serenade. Carolers must have different and unique strategies to stand out in a crowd. Money are given to them after they serenade.
  5. “Panunuluyan”
    – This is a re-enactment of the Holy Couple’s journey to Bethlehem and portrays the lack of hospitality they encountered along the way.

Philippines is a truly unique and full cultured country. I am glad to be born here. 🙂

Happy Holidays!

World’s Longest Mat


The people of the agricultural town of Basey, Samar own the distinction of having weaved the world’s longest mat, or “banig” in the local parlance. During the town’s Banigan-Kawayan Festival on September 29, 2000, hundreds of people paraded the mat, which extended for more than a kilometer.

The one-meter wide mat has been weaved for several weeks by groups of people from the different barangays of Basey. While the mat was not submitted as an entry to the Guinness Book of World Records, Basey Mayor Wilfredo Estorninos described the feat as a source of pride for all Basaynons.

Each year, the town, which has weaving as its prime industry, comes to life when it celebrates outlandishly the feast of St. Michael, its patron saint. The highlight of the feast is the Banigan-Kawayan Festival, where the women of Basey weave a variety of intricately designed mats from sedge grass locally known as tikog (Fimbristylis milliacea). This tradition was handed down from many generations. The Church of Basey was built in 1864.

Five Guinness World Records


On 15 March 2008 – nearly 487 years to the day after Ferdinand Magellan discovered the Philippines – businesswoman Sister Grace Galindez-Gupana (Philippines) achieved five Guinness World Records in a single day.

With the support of the Philippine National Red Cross, Sister Gupana embarked on a mass medical mission to provide 24 hours of free screenings for the marginalized Pintong Bocaue community. In doing so, she established four Guinness World Records:

Most blood identification tests in 24 hours: 260
Most cholesterol readings taken in 24 hours: 527
Most blood pressure readings taken in 24 hours: 2,302
Most diabetes readings taken in 24 hours: 503

Sister Grace wanted to involve children of the community in a record-breaking attempt too, and recruited youngsters from the local Baranggay Pintong Bocaue school to complete the longest drawing. Using coloured crayons, the children drew a picture of a long dragon with horns. The drawing was subsequently burned, in a symbolic act representing the victory of good over the devil.

All records were accredited in person by the Director of Records from Guinness World Records, who flew from London to Manila to certify that each record attempt had been carried out legitimately and to present Sister Gupana with certificates for her new records.

Sister Gupana is not new to record breaking. Last year, the ardent supporter of the State of Israel and its citizens reaped her first two Guinness World Records in the Holy Land for the largest flag (18,843 m²; 202,823 ft²) and for the largest banner (54,451 m²; 586,103 ft²).

For Sister Grace, breaking a record is a way of showing to the world that Filipinos can make a difference and are capable of helping and supporting those in need.

In regards to her remarkable feat, Sister Gupana states, “7 records is an amazing achievement for a lifetime.”