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Life Insurance


My friends’ mother died last September 24.
I was shocked.
I didn’t expect that It would happen.
My friend texted me and told me that her mother was in hospital and needed to undergo heart operation.
After the operation, all went well.
But there’s another problem.
According to the doctors, they found water in her mothers’ lungs.
They need to increase her mothers’ blood pressure to conduct another operation, to save her mothers life.
That same night.
Her mother died.

My friend told me, that they need money badly.
The cost of the operation is almost P450,000.00.
Plus they have to pay for the doctors fee and other additional payments for the machines used to revive her mothers life.
Though they lack money.
They still held the wake in a funeral park in ParaƱaque.
Good thing is, their parents have insurance life, that’s why they still manage to have a decent wake.
His father is a dentist.
That’s why they have a lot of connections.
Her parents joined Life insurance investmentand assigned their off springs as beneficiaries.
They all agreed that they will just use the money to pay for their mothers operation.
Now, his father is looking for other life insurance companies to join.
They now, realized the value of having a life insurance.

I send my condolences to my friends family.


How to Spot a Filipino


You point with your lips.
You eat using your hands and have it down to a technique!
Your other piece of luggage is a balikbayan box.
You nod your head upwards to greet someone.
You put your foot up on your chair and rest your elbow on your knee while eating.
You use a rock to scrub yourself in the bath or shower.
You have to kiss your relatives on the cheek as soon as you enter the room.
You’re standing next to eight big boxes at the airport.
You collect items from hotels or restaurants “for souvenir’s sake.”
Your house has a distinctive aroma.
You smile for no reason.
You flirt by having a foolish grin on your face while raising your eyebrows repeatedly.
You go to a department store and try to bargain the prices.
You use an umbrella for shade on hot summer days.
You scratch your head when you don’t know the answer.
You never eat the last morsel of food on the table.
You go bowling
You play pusoy & mah jong
You find dried up morsels of rice stuck to your shirt.
You prefer to sit in the shade instead of basking in the sun.
You add an unwarranted “H” to your name (i.e., “Jhun,” “Bhoy,” or “Rhon.”)
You put your hands together in front of you as if to make a path and say “excuse, excuse” when you pass in between people or in front of the TV.
Your middle name is your mother’s maiden name.
You like everything that’s imported or “state-side.”
You check the labels on clothes to see where it was made.
You hang your clothes out to dry.
You are perfectly comfortable in a squatting position with your elbows resting on your knees.
You consistently arrive 30 minutes late for all events.
You always offer food to all your visitors.

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