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National Organization To Otlaw Cellphones


I support National Organization To Otlaw Cellphones (no-toc). It is an organization or movement that calls our attention to not be so dependent in using cellphones. Recently, two cases of hit and run accident happened here in metro manila. The culprit is not just the driver who hit them but also their cellphones. Both victims are call center agents and where using their cellphones while crossing the street which made them less aware of their surroundings.

Image from Google

I would like to encourage you guys to support movements like no-toc. They are reaching out to people, giving information, provides counseling and guidance in the most light and humorous way. They are not stopping you in using your phones because it is one main source of communication, they are just encouraging us to use it in the right way and stop being dependent on it. I was never aware of such movement/organization’s existence but the day I found out about it, I immediately searched it on google and found their site. Their way in communicating and promoting their beliefs is really funny and humorous.  They have this counseling and guidance page wherein they discuss this latest scientific psychological study about an epidemic disease that is called DOPES (Dependency on Phone Enslavement Syndrome). I was like wth?! 🙂 I find it funny but mostly true.

Let us be responsible and use technology in a good and rightful way. Let us not waste and take advantage of every development and innovation around us. Use it wisely and responsibly.