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National Organization To Otlaw Cellphones


I support National Organization To Otlaw Cellphones (no-toc). It is an organization or movement that calls our attention to not be so dependent in using cellphones. Recently, two cases of hit and run accident happened here in metro manila. The culprit is not just the driver who hit them but also their cellphones. Both victims are call center agents and where using their cellphones while crossing the street which made them less aware of their surroundings.

Image from Google

I would like to encourage you guys to support movements like no-toc. They are reaching out to people, giving information, provides counseling and guidance in the most light and humorous way. They are not stopping you in using your phones because it is one main source of communication, they are just encouraging us to use it in the right way and stop being dependent on it. I was never aware of such movement/organization’s existence but the day I found out about it, I immediately searched it on google and found their site. Their way in communicating and promoting their beliefs is really funny and humorous.  They have this counseling and guidance page wherein they discuss this latest scientific psychological study about an epidemic disease that is called DOPES (Dependency on Phone Enslavement Syndrome). I was like wth?! 🙂 I find it funny but mostly true.

Let us be responsible and use technology in a good and rightful way. Let us not waste and take advantage of every development and innovation around us. Use it wisely and responsibly.


Poro Point (Poem)


By Alejandro Hufana

The rocks still roots the water
Tauter than that the boy int he channel
That marks where men-of-war should enter
And avoid the shallows of the turtle
The lighthouse eye puts out. Today’s communion

Is in the pulpit of the machine
Now when all owes it religion
What adventure had the aborigine?
One make-up moment to be emperor
IN this haunted hamlet on the coast -Fishers foam-furrow the equator
TO homage at a trading post.

Now when divinity is frail
Between the radar poles and the wishing well.
To beat the mind to a bell
In bretheren’s bones with the sunken sail.

As if from rising bottom, sound of sand
Spills out cargo and conqueror
On seven sights of land
Far from either rock or bouy
Like a prayer’s amen, and ahoy!
The brief bed of he whirling whore,
The sunbath, the pinpointed star,
And the native full five-strings deep in his guitar
Sermons how to suffer.

Now back to feed the lamps their fuel
While the rock still roots the water
Tauter than that the bouy in the channel.

Meaning of Tax and Taxation



— The enforced proportional contributions from persons and property, level by the state for virtue of its sovereignty for the support of the government and for all public needs. (Meaning according to Cooley)

— The compulsory contributions to support the state.

— Lifeblood of a government.


— The supreme power of a sovereign state to impose burdens or charges upon persons, property or property rights for public purpose.

— Power vested upon the legislature for the purpose of raising revenues to finance government expenditures and for the general welfare and protection of its citizens.

— Method of apportioning the cost of government among those who in some measure are privileged to enjoy its benefits and must therefore, bear its burden. (Cooley, Law of Taxation)




by Augusto C. Caranjal

We run away from God
Without stopping even to look back
He is behind us wherever we go
If we fall, He picks us up
Only to continue running our ways
Panting and thirsty, we still deny ourselves
The waters of absolution.

We reach to grasp the glories of this world
We pluck the grapes of wrath
We fight for possession of everything
That is of flesh and blood
In the midst of the fight
He is still behind us
Disdaining his consistency
Of never ending pursuit.

When will we stop running away from Him?
Haven’t we reached the goals
To self-possession
And complimenting ego?

The knights do not run away from God
They walk side by side with Christ
Absorbed in the pursuit of His Example
The Knights can offer nothing
But the gift of his sins to Christ
And the Knights wins thereby
The Love of Christ!

Origin of Filipino Culture


The Filipino culture is a summation of indigenous forces and foreign influences that had come to bear upon the people in varying degrees during the last centuries.

  1. Malays – Malays are known for being nice, pleasant and law-abiding by virtue. The Filipinos adapted this very well as their temperament.
  2. Chinese – Filial piety between parents and children, the flexibility to go along with other people of the Filipinos is due to the Chinese influence.
  3. Spanish heritage – Social, political organization and religion was brought into Philippines by Spaniards.
  4. Americans – Democracy, liberty, equality, importance of education as well as political community is a great influence from Americans.
Philippines is rich in culture because of the foreign influences that other countries introduced to Filipinos. Filipinos are flexible and can easily adapt to their environment. Their culture is a proof to that. 🙂

St. Bartolomew Parish Church in Nagcarlan Laguna


This church is one of the oldest church we have in the country. It was done in Baroque-style which is created by the Franciscans in the year 1500-1700. The famous T.V series “Kampanerang Kuba”  used this place as one of their main setting/location. It was reconstructed last 1845 after the massive fire that partly destroyed its facade last 1781. The church is well maintained and many devoted can be seen here every Sunday. It also have a mini park and comfort rooms for men and women to use. It is just right after Nagcarlan Market where fresh and low price vegetables and fruits can be brought.

*I always visit the church every month because my dentist’s clinic is located near the place. 🙂

Where is My May?


by Fernando Ma. Guerrero

My happy days have passed away.
The hills and woods have lost their flower.
Where is my May?
Where are its sweet and charming hours?
Cheer me, my star, and give me light,
To see at least a pleasant way,
Show me your eyes so fair and bright
To find my way.
With thoughts of care I bend my head,
Where is my May?
I am alone, I eat my bread
Away from you, so far away.